Zionism’s Venomous Tentacles Paralyse Freedom Of Speech

Zionism’s silencing of criticism of Israel is not confined to the mainstream media as outlined in this new study, but also extends into many other areas of the average American’s life.

I recently signed up to have my latest book reviewed by BookLife — https://bit.ly/3o0smv5 — with a naive acceptance of the assurance that “BookLife Reviews are guaranteed, thorough, professional assessments plus marketing insights, written by Publishers Weekly reviewers . . .” Despite that assurance, anyone would be forgiven for thinking that the following Goodreads reviews — https://bit.ly/375mXeg — were about a completely different book

The reality of bookLife’s “professional assessment,” was, however basically a hatchet job by an obviously prejudiced and spineless reviewer — cowering pathetically behind the dark cloak anonymity — whose impartiality began with “This outraged polemic from Hanna (The Grim Reaper) — https://bit.ly/3cw8OHO — argues that Israel’s “perversely persistent persecution of the indigenous Palestinian population” makes the nation an “‘apartheid regime’ guilty of crimes against humanity.” [https://bit.ly/3BQuzhx https://bit.ly/3BQu0nN] Further, he alleges that Judaism itself has been “hijacked” by Zionists who have made criticism of Israel tantamount to anti-Semitism . . . ”

What this “unbiased” and intrepid seeker of the truth omitted to mention was that the assertion of Judaism being hijacked by Zionism is neither new, nor one of my own creation as would be obvious to anyone actually bothering to fact-check such assertions: https://bit.ly/3q97Gnf; https://bit.ly/3nYWG9w

and https://bit.ly/3q6QleP.

Zionists, he says, have prevented Jews from making common cause with other groups facing or that have survived genocide, especially the Palestinians, victims of “barbaric ethnic cleansing.” Just another of this reviewer’s blatant lowlife falsehoods because I never made that claim, but quoted the following:

Zionism . . . promotes the narrative that the Nazi holocaust is exceptional in human history — despite it being one of many holocausts from Native Americans North and South to Armenia and Rwanda. It sets Jews apart from the victims and survivors of other genocides instead of uniting us with them . . . Billions of US dollars flow annually to Israel to sustain the occupation and Israel’s sophisticated and brutal army. The war machine they fund is a leader in the global arms industry, which drains resources craved by a world in desperate need of water, food, health care, housing and education.

International Jewish anti-Zionist Network Charter

While I do not expect all reviewers to agree with what I have written, I nonetheless expect them to be at least impartial rather than serving as stooges for regimes guilty of brutal crimes against humanity. I also realise that by challenging the undoubted might of an organisation such as Publishers Weekly — which was established in 1872 to target publishers, librarians, booksellers, and literary agents — I may be damaging the book’s chances of reaching a wider readership. But as I am now 81 years of age, I don’t give a damn about either that possibility or the death wishes I often receive because my aching and weary body would welcome such relief.

Literacy in the United States

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Literacy in the United States is 79% according to a 2019 report by the National Center for Education Statistics.[1] 21% of American adults are illiterate or functionally illiterate.[2] According to the U.S. Department of Education, 54% of adults in the United States have literacy below the 6th-grade level.

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