Double Standards and Moral Hypocrisy Have Been, Still are, and Will Remain Inherent Characteristics

Webster’s Desk Dictionary of the English Language (1990) defines moral as “1. of or concerned with principles of right or wrong conduct. 2. being in accordance with such principles” (p. 586); it defines hypocrisy as “a pretence of having desirable or publicly approved attitudes, beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually possess” (p. 444). Moral hypocrisy is the motivation to appear moral, while, if possible, avoiding the cost of being moral. This is in opposition to moral integrity, which is the motivation to act in accord with moral principles — to actually be moral.

Any military assault or full scale war — that causes the destruction of essential infrastructure, that inflicts inhumane suffering and death on mostly innocent civilians, and that by barbarically violating the human rights of those civilians, constitutes a war crime — deserves to be unreservedly condemned by political leaders, religious patriarchs, and the mainstream media as was the immediate, hysterical, and outraged response following Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine. Such “high moral ground” and theatrically presented indignation, however, can only be valid if it is always equally applied to all victims irrespective of their political or religious beliefs and ethnicity. The West’s current reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine stands in stark contrast to its more than 70 years of craven tolerance of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Israel’s persecution of Palestinian children includes more than 53,000 being arrested, detained — and frequently tortured — since 1967:

In Palestine, Israeli authorities have pursued an overarching policy to maintain the domination of Jewish Israelis over Palestinians and carried out grave and systematic abuses of the rights of Palestinians living there. Human Rights Watch has determined that these actions meet the threshold for the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution and called on the ICC prosecutor to investigate Israeli authorities implicated in these crimes. During periodic armed conflict, Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups, including Hamas, have also carried out unlawful attacks that have inflicted serious harm against civilians that should be investigated.

While it may be argued that the stark difference between the West’s immediate reaction to the current Ukrainian suffering — and the lackadaisical indifference to the unrelenting barbaric Israeli persecution of Palestinians for more than seven decades — is probably due to some still lingering but harmless xenophobic sentiments despite the fact that accepting such an explanation would require ignoring the reality of the prolific presence of powerful and subversive pro-Zionist Israeli lobby groups with the necessary financial clout and influence over the mainstream media to effectively warp the general public’s opinion about Palestinians being “terrorists” — for daring to attempt resisting the monstrous oppression of a “God-chosen people” — while justifying heinous Israeli crimes against humanity with the disingenuous claim that “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

While Western culture values have, throughout history, been based on political thought as well as the widespread reliance on rational argument favouring freedom of thought, assimilation of human rights, and the need for equality, and democracy, such values are expeditiously abandoned when it comes to the question of human rights for the Palestinian people because any sign of support for Palestinian rights would be immediately met by Apartheid Israel’s shrill accusations of “anti-Semitism!”

Watch video of “God’s Chosen People” doing the Devil’s work:

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