BBC Program Highlights The Double Standards And Hypocrisy Regarding “The Sanctity Of Human Life”

“Mankind Owes To The Child The Best That It Has To Give”

Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child, 1924

BBC Television’s broadcast of its program ABORTION ON TRIAL highlighted the gaping chasm between what many of us hypocritically like to think we believe, and what we actually practice. To begin with, this writer prefers the term “pregnancy termination” because it implies that the procedure is one of choice and the inalienable right of every woman as set out in Amnesty International’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights for Women:

*Make decisions about our own health, body, sexual life and identity without fear of coercion or criminalisation.

*Seek and receive information about sexuality and reproduction and access related health services and contraception.

*Have access to comprehensive education on human sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, human rights and gender equality.

*Decide whether and when to have children, and how many to have.

*Access safe abortion services in cases of rape, incest, when the life or health of the pregnant woman is at risk, or when there is severe or fatal foetal impairment.

*Choose our intimate partner, whether and when to marry and what type of family to create.

*Live free from discrimination, coercion and violence, including rape and other sexual violence, female genital mutilation/cutting, forced pregnancy, forced abortion, forced sterilisation and forced marriage.

Apart from the denial of the above rights to hundreds of millions of women that according to a UNICEF report ( also includes at least 200 million girls and women alive today who have been victims of ritual genital mutilation, there is also the question of our very high regard for the “Sanctity of Human Life” — which despite pompous proclamations and pious preaching — all major religions have at varying times throughout history barbarously disregarded. Such disregard is for example currently being displayed even by peace-loving Buddhists in Myanmar (Burma)

“Buddhists develop inner peace, kindness and wisdom through their daily practice; and then share their experience with others bringing real benefit to this world. They try not to harm others and to live peacefully and gently, working towards the ultimate goal of pure and lasting happiness for all living beings.”

About Buddhism


In the meantime while we who so ardently respect human life tolerate what is happening in Myanmar, Israel — whose establishment as a Jewish state to prevent another Holocaust was achieved by the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian people — has refused to cease supplying weapons to the Myanmar military dictatorship. One Israeli human rights activist claimed that “Successive Israeli governments have been selling arms to the military dictatorship in Burma for years . . . This policy is strongly related to Israel's oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people. Weapons used against the Palestinians are being sold as ‘field-tested’ to some of the worst regimes on the planet.”

Even we in the “civilised” West have been complicit through both toleration and participation in the war crimes against humanity which the U.S., now led by an illiterate and insane psychopath, has been, and still is perpetrating against the many nations who in any way resist its agenda for global domination which in the Middle East alone — and not counting the numerous military interventions in Africa, Asia, and South America — has cost millions of lives. (

Furthermore the hysterical activism by those opposed to pregnancy termination on the grounds of respect for the sanctity of “the unborn child” appears to be at least misguided if not outrageously hypocritical when considered against the reality that according to one children’s rights organisation “Almost 9 million of under-5 children die each year, which means that a child dies every 4 seconds or 22,000 per day in the world.” In 1960 alone, the number of child deaths exceeded the Holocaust death toll by more than three times. Yet because there is no “child mortality industry” similar to the “Holocaust industry” with its constant reminders, awareness of and concern for the plight of children receives relatively little if any attention. Though child mortality has been gradually declining, it is still at an unacceptable level and should be of great concern to all those anti-abortion activists, some of whom incidentally have resorted to violence. (

Child mortality rates: 1960: 18’900’000

1970: 17’400’000

1980: 14’700’000

1990: 12’700’000

2000: 12’400’000

There is for example no outcry by anti-abortion activists over India’s cultural preference for a male rather than female offspring which encouraged foeticide with the result that an estimated 60 million females have gone missing over the past century. (

And finally, let all those of us who are righteously civilised and infinitely humane charge our glasses, raise them high, and loudly toast our unimpeachable respect and support for “The Sanctity of Human Life.”

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