The Brazen Chutzpah Of Apartheid Israel’s Hypocrisy

Dr. Mats Gilbert Denied Access To Gaza Cynical Photo Op For Israeli Flag in Nepal

The recent devastating earthquake in Nepal rightly received primetime mainstream media coverage that spurred numerous worldwide relief appeals with nations sending rescue and medical teams accompanied by aid material. Yet of all the nations involved in providing such assistance, it was the Israeli team — there also to help Israelis in the country — that somehow received the most mainstream media attention with photographs prominently displaying Israeli flags. Despite of the grave extent of a natural disaster requiring urgent medical assistance for thousands of Nepalese victims, the Israelis — wherever they happened to be helping — always took time to first ensure that Israeli flags were conscientiously and prominently draped as a declaration of “look world, see how humane we are.”

Such selfless Israeli humanitarian largesse towards other human beings — please remember Palestinians are regarded as animals by the majority of Israelis and perhaps even by the majority of Jews in diaspora — was indeed surprising given that the Nepalese people, like the Ethiopian Jewish victims of recent rabid racism in Israel, also lack the white skin requirement that would make them welcome in a land stolen from indigenous but “inhuman” Palestinians to provide a state for immigrant but “chosen” Jewish people. (

Israeli relief operations of this nature — in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, in Japan after the 2011 earthquake, and in 2013 when a typhoon wreaked havoc on the Philippines — are an obvious and blatant exploitation of natural disasters that serve to whitewash Israel’s crimes against humanity in Gaza as was witnessed during operations Cast Lead and Protective Edge. Reports by the Association of International Development Agencies have repeatedly highlighted Israel’s humanitarian double standards with regards to the death and destruction in Gaza which has been the victim of a long barbaric Israeli blockade preventing the import of vital foods, medical supplies, rebuilding materials, and even access to medical staff such as outspoken Norwegian Dr. Mats Gilbert — ( — who endeavour to help the tens of thousands still requiring medical treatment in bomb damaged hospitals and clinics lacking drinkable water and a reliable electricity supply. In Gaza the “world’s most moral army” proudly displays the Israeli flag not while bringing humanitarian aid, but while committing heinous crimes against humanity. (

On 15 May every year, Palestinians observe Nakba Day — the catastrophic mass expulsion of Palestinian so as to accommodate the creation of a state for Jews — to reaffirm their right to return to the land from which their ancestors were terrorised into fleeing in 1948 by Zionist forces. It is no surprise that while they have been endeavouring to have criticism of Israel in Western countries criminalised, Israelis have since 2011 have also sought to criminalise observance of the Nabka. Though the Nakba Law has yet to be technically implemented, human rights groups and activists say it has a dangerous deterrent effect and is meant to intimidate Palestinians and others who view Israel's establishment as a day of mourning for Palestinians. Despite Israeli efforts to eradicate Palestinian history with the Zionist soundbite lie of “a land without a people for a people without a land,” the Nabka will remain a historical fact whose consequences are a tragic reality for all to see.

• Over 5 million Palestinian refugees are still fighting for the realisation of their right of return to their homes, a right which the State of Israel continues to deny to them.

• 1.6 million Palestinians live as second-class citizens in the State of Israel. Over 50 Israeli laws have been enacted since 1948 that directly or indirectly discriminate against the indigenous Palestinians who were able to remain after the Nakba.

• Nearly 2 million Palestinians live under an Israeli military siege in the Gaza Strip, without freedom of movement or reliable access to clean water, food, medicine, electricity and other basic needs. Everyone in Gaza is vulnerable to Israeli military attacks such as the bombardment in the summer of 2014 when over 2,000 Palestinians were killed, hundreds of whom were children.

• More than 1.7 million Palestinians live under Israeli military occupation in the West Bank, closed in by Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall and settlements which are proliferating at a frightening pace.

• Nearly 6,000 Palestinians are held as political prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention centres, where torture is widespread. Many are held in administrative detention, without charge or trial.

War on Want

It is not sufficient for liberal Jews to wash their hands of Israel’s criminality by simply claiming that “Judaism is not Zionism” because Zionism has hijacked Judaism and is using it as a smokescreen and justification for its own barbaric crimes against humanity. It is incumbent on Jews not only reclaim Judaism but also to unconditionally denounce the invocation of “anti-semitism” and “Holocaust denial” for the purpose of silencing criticism of Zionist crimes against humanity perpetrated criminals claiming to represent all Jewish people. (,7340,L-4632208,00.html)

While articles such as this — never to be seen in the mainstream media — will no doubt be branded as anti-Semitic by Apartheid Israel and its supporters whose monotonous mantra of “Israel has a right to defend itself” is to say the least disingenuous, it should nevertheless be recognised that the much hyped allusion to “the right to free speech” — as was the case following the January Charlie Hebdo attack — cannot be selective so as to accommodate exclusion of Israel’s irrefutable criminality from justified criticism. Free speech as a human right will have no global legitimacy or chance of implementation so long as it is not equally applicable to all without exception including those who insist they were chosen by God Himself who promised them Palestine. (

Israelis and their Jewish diaspora supporters have so far failed to realise that they can blackmail, bribe, and bully into silence all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. The painfully slow but nonetheless rising swell of global indignation against Israel cannot be contained and silenced forever especially now given that Israel’s leaders and Jewish electorate have abandoned all pretence of having a principled democracy symbolised by the Star of David flag, and have instead hoisted their true colours of inherent and hateful racism that unashamedly disregards the Declaration of human rights and the 1924 Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child. (

“If I'm elected, there will be no Palestinian state.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pre-election pledge.

“They have to die and their houses should be demolished . . . They are all enemy combatants, and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses.”

Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s Justice [?] Minister in Israel’s new right-wing government.

“To me, they are like animals, they aren’t human . . . The Palestinians aren’t educated towards peace, nor do they want it.”

Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Israel’s new deputy defence minister.

“The only democracy in the Middle East”


“the world’s most moral army.”

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