Gaza, a Philosophical Dictionary by Michael Buergermeister, reviewed by William Hanna

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I would like to thank the author William Hanna for his review of our new publication by Michael Buergermeiter, Gaza, a Philosophical Dictionary.

Thanks for reading and sharing

Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi - ProMosaik e.V.


It is no surprise that Michael Buergermeister’s Gaza: A Philosophical Dictionary, starts off with A for Anti-Semitism — the first of 26 alphabetically presented essays that dispassionately compel the reader to face up to the harsh realities of the Palestinian people’s unjust and inhumane persecution by an ever expanding state for the Jewish people. The author wastes no time in raising the question of free speech by both asking “Why do I write or am I an Anti-Semite?” and by accepting that he — like any other writer seeking to tell the truth about Palestine — “will inevitably provoke hatred, misunderstanding and accusations of anti-Semitism.”

The author’s C for Children essay highlights Israel’s deliberate targeting of Palestinian children who when not being shot or bombed to death in operations such as Cast Lead and Protective Edge, are subject to inhuman and degrading treatment, harassment, arrest, interrogation, and imprisonment without access to adult or legal council in blatant contravention of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

H for Holocaust, J for Judaism, O for Origins, R for Right of Return, X for Xenophobia, and Z for Zionism, are just some of the the well focused snapshots of a decades-long conflict that started with the Palestinian Nabka (Catastrophe) which witnessed the murder of thousands and the terrorised expulsion of 750,000 who to this day remain as stateless refugees unable to return home while any Jew, anywhere in the world who has never before been to Israel has a right to return.

All the essays in this collection are balanced, fair, and in no way anti-Semitic. They in fact constitute the work of a man who has a genuine affection for Judaism and perhaps even Israel but whose conscience and humanity prevent him from remaining silent over the unconscionable inhumanity being perpetrated against the Palestinian people to whom all Articles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights are with monotonous regularity — and calumnious hypocrisy — being unjustly denied.

Books such as this should not only be essential reading for anyone even remotely concerned with Palestine or human rights, but should also be included in school curricula along with the prescribed reading of William Shakespeare and others whose books do not help to prepare children for the realities of the modern World where truth and justice are distorted by a corporate mass media serving the interests of the Anglo-Zionist Political Corporate Military Industrial Complex.

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