Israel Ramps-Up Its Modus Operandi Of Blackmail, Bribery, And Bullying

“We saw today examples hanging before us of European prejudice . . . In Geneva, they are calling for an investigation against Israel for war crimes, while in Luxembourg the European court removed Hamas from the terrorist list. It looks like there are too many people in Europe, on the ground where six million Jews were slaughtered, who haven’t learned a thing. The friendship we see from the United States stands in complete contrast to what we are seeing regretfully in Europe.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a hysterical diatribe yet again invoking the Holocaust at the opening of his meeting with U.S. Senator-Elect Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Benjamin Netanyahu has followed up his recent condemnatory rants — hallmarked Israeli tantrum reactions to some European national parliaments and the EU parliament voting for recognition of a Palestinian state — with another hysterical attack that was both reminiscent of one of Hitler’s harangues and in keeping with the sentiments of a people insisting that they are special and superior to all others by virtue of having been chosen by God Himself. While this Holocaust “blame and blackmail” technique has to date served the cause of Zionism with distinction, it is becoming somewhat hackneyed and its continued use constitutes a longterm disservice to Israel.

While all people with a scintilla of humanity in them will readily acknowledge that the death of an estimated six million Jews was an unforgivable atrocity on a grand scale, those same people will resent being blackmailed into silence while Israel with barbaric impunity ethnically cleanses the Palestinians so as to continue stealing their land. The constant invocation of the Holocaust as an excuse, justification, and smokescreen for Israel’s illegal and savage occupation of Palestinian Territories carries with it the amoral implication that Jewish suffering takes precedence over the suffering of other ethnic groups and precludes accountability by Israel for its own crimes against humanity. Such an implication ignores the reality that during World War II, the bloodiest war in the History of Humanity with an estimated 60 million non-Jews killed (over 10 million deaths per year), child mortality from poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses was more than 20 million each year. Even in1960 alone, the number of child deaths (18,900,000) exceeded the Jewish Holocaust death toll by more than three times. But because there is no “child mortality industry” similar to the “Holocaust industry,” awareness of and concern for the plight of children receives relatively little if any attention even though according to Humanium, “almost 9 million of under-5 children die each year, which means that a child dies every 4 seconds (22,000 per day) in the world.”

Furthermore there are no constant mainstream media reminders of the victims of the Armenian Holocaust with 300,000 massacred (1894-1896), 1,500,000 massacred or forcibly deported (1915-1916), 30,000 massacred or burnt in Smyrna (1922); no reminders of the 15 million Christian Russian Kulak farmers who were exterminated during the Soviet Holocaust (1924-1930); no reminders of seven million Ukrainian farmers who were starved to death (1930-1933); no reminders of the 12 million Russian political prisoners who perished between 1919 and 1949; no reminders of of the 1948 Deir Yassin massacre which marked the beginning of the depopulation of over 400 Palestinian towns and villages resulting in the exodus of 750,000 Arabs which marked the beginning of the Palestinian Nakba, or catastrophe, and the creation of a Palestinian diaspora in refugee camps and in neighbouring Arab countries; no reminders of the estimated 40-60 million Chinese victims of Mao Zedong’s regime; no reminders of the estimated two million victims of the Vietnam War including massacres such as My Lai by U.S Forces and the U.S. herbicidal warfare program’s use of Agent Orange which killed or maimed some four hundred thousand and to this day is still afflicting three million as a result birth defects; no reminders of the two and a half million Cambodians who were slaughtered during the Pol Pot Communist Holocaust in 1975; no reminders of the millions of victims in the still ongoing Iraq War which was deceitfully launched against Iraq’s nonexistent weapons of mass destruction; no reminders of the tens of thousands of South Americans who were victims of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) subversion operations to overthrow left-wing governments as happened to Salvador Allende’s government (November 1970 to September 1973); and finally, no reminders that all of the aforementioned — despite not having been chosen by God Himself — were nonetheless human beings with inalienable human rights.


The dawning of this reality on many people — coupled with their becoming tired of being blackmailed and bullied into unconscionable silence and acceptance of Israel’s cavalier disregard for international law — has resulted in a spate of some long overdue decisions that recognise the historical existence of a Palestinian people deserving of justice and human rights within a state of their own. Such decisions have recently included recognition of a Palestinian state (despite furious Israeli threats) in the Swedish, British, Spanish, Irish, French (in both the lower and upper houses of parliament), and Portuguese parliaments; the provision of observer status at the International Criminal Court (ICC); a vote of recognition by the European parliament; and the Geneva Conventions invocation of Palestinian rights by 126 countries urging Israel to halt settlement construction in West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Geneva Conventions which govern the rules of war and military occupation was not on this occasion attended by Australia, Canada, and the U.S. — countries whose racist treatment of indigenous peoples has to date been less than exemplary.

This apparent defiance in the face of Israeli opposition is the consequence of growing frustration with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ploy of yet again derailing the “peace process” combined with a a more sympathetic public opinion swing towards the Palestinians. Israel — a nation not accustomed to having its diktats disobeyed by the West — has accordingly reacted with the kind of scorn and contempt that brings the sanity of its leaders into question. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, for example, said that “We've already seen this at the end of the 1930s and at the beginning of the 1940s when Europe knew what was happening in the concentration camps and didn't act.” He did, however, conveniently forget to mention that while Europe was at the time failing to act, the Zionist leadership was actively courting and offering to fight with the Nazis in return for being given Palestine after Germany won the war.

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